With more than thirty years experience we can cater most events from private dinner parties to weddings for two-hundred guests

We prefer to cater for smaller gatherings where our approach of providing unusually good food seems to work best

Our prices are highly competitve and we are  happy to chat about how we could cater for your dinner party or event

Please get in touch and we can forward sample menus


Bill & Sukie Barber  01450 373 424  billandsukie@gmail.com

Priestrig Croft, by Hawick TD9 7NT

£5pp - afternoon tea

£7pp - soup, bread and cake all home made

£25pp - three or four course dinner

£45pp - five course dinner with more expensive ingredients

"We had the best wedding day we could of hoped for and a large part of that was down to Bill and Sukie at Unusually Good Food.

The food was delicious, beautifully and lovingly prepared and presented, all homemade and from their own garden.

Bill and Sukie were great fun to work and plan with and helped us so much with not only the food but the setting up of tables and chairs and even the decorating.

They managed to cater for over 150 people from a very small catering tent with limited space and only one small fridge.

The food looked and tasted sensational and most people came back for seconds, thirds and even fourths!

The evening and food felt magical.

No stress at a brilliant price, I wouldn’t change anything about our experience with Unusually Good Food.

Five stars and hundreds of smiling faces!"

Chris Houston